Nebula Blaze


The Nebula Blaze is a Hardmode magic weapon which auto-fires pink high-velocity projectiles that home in on enemies if they are nearby, with a chance to randomly fire a larger, faster and more damaging blue projectile instead. This weapon fires inaccurately, akin to the Chain Gun and weapons like it. When selected, this weapon appears as a pink glow covering the player’s hand which leaves behind a pink particle trail as the player moves.

The Nebula Blaze does not deal any knockback.

Its best Modifier is Demonic. However, Mystic may be better for decreased mana usage.

  • There is a roughly 1/5 chance to shoot a large blue projectile which does triple damage and travels faster than the normal pink projectiles.
  • If players are killed by the blue projectile, their death message will display their cause of death being “Nebula Blaze Ex” instead of simply “Nebula Blaze”.