Nebula Arcanum

The Nebula Arcanum is a Hardmode, post-Lunatic Cultist magic weapon that fires a multicolored swirling orb when used. The orb will slowly home in on enemies and bounce off tiles, hitting three times before exploding into several smaller projectiles. All three hits do not have to be on the same target, as it will continue to home on other enemies in range if its target dies before the third hit. If the projectile does not hit three times, it will explode after 11 seconds. It also produces additional pink projectiles that orbit it and damage multiple enemies, even going through tiles to do so. 2-3 of these projectiles appear per second for the first half of the projectile’s lifetime, and disappear at the same rate as it approaches explosion.

Its best Modifier is Mythical.

  • The Nebula Arcanum can consume mana very rapidly under constant use. Be sure to have items that provide mana at the ready when using this item, such as the Mana Flower, the Band of Starpower, Mana Regeneration Potions, and Restoration Potions.
  • The lasting duration, homing properties, and orbiting projectiles make the Nebula Arcanum a very effective crowd-clearing weapon.
  • The Nebula Arcanum is capable of dealing more DPS than its other Nebula counterpart, the Nebula Blaze, but has difficulty striking fast enemies and bosses.