Bottomless Waterbucket

The Bottomless Water Bucket is an item that functions similarly to the standard Water Bucket, the only differences being that it can be used an infinite number of times, and that it has a slightly extended range. It is one of the possible rewards from the Angler upon completing one of his fishing quests in Hardmode, with about a 1/70 chance of obtaining it.

Due to its infinite use ability, the player can easily use this item to create artificial lakes much more quickly for fishing, to re-fill the Ocean in case it has drained into Hell, or to turn lava into obsidian.

  • The Super Absorbant Sponge is its counterpart item that removes water.
  • It may still be ideal for someone with the Bottomless Water Bucket to create a water generator, as it can produce Obsidian and Honey Blocks, and it is easier to have a generator.
  • This bucket can be used infinitely by holding the left mouse button down.