Bone Javelin


The Bone Javelin is a thrown consumable weapon made using Sturdy Fossils. Upon hitting an enemy, it will stick to the enemy and inflict the Penetrated debuff, dealing 3 damage per second. Up to six Bone Javelins can be pierced onto an enemy, dealing a total of 18 damage a second. Bone Javelins stuck in an enemy will dissipate after 15 seconds. Thrown Bone Javelins can sometimes be recovered if they strike a surface after the 15 second timer or if an enemy dies with Bone Javelins still stuck in them.

  • The Bone Javelin is a powerful pre-Hardmode weapon with its high base damage of 29 and long sticking effect. Combined with Fossil Armor, this weapon could easily two-shot most pre-Hardmode enemies and is still viable in early-Hardmode. However it lacks the piercing ability of the Bone Throwing Knife, making it most effective against single enemies.
  • You can never retrieve Javelins when you have the set bonus of the Fossil armor or Ninja armor.
  • It is considered the pre-Hardmode counterpart of the Daybreak