Ancient Manipulator

The Ancient Manipulator is a crafting station used to craft items from Luminite and Lunar Fragments. It is dropped by the Lunatic Cultist. When placed, the orb on the manipulator pulsates in the colors of the four celestial towers.

  • Each Lunar Fragment appears to have a Drill, Chainsaw and Hammer variant that are all currently unobtainable.
  • The Ancient Manipulator has a very strange ability to combine three Lunar Fragments of different types to create one fragment of the type that was not used (Ex: Solar+Nebula+Stardust=Vortex). This is useful, because you might be a mage, for example, and you want all the Nebula armor, tools, and weapons, but you don’t have enough Nebula Fragments. Combine all the fragments you got from the other pillars to get more Nebula Fragments.
  • Despite the fact it has red rarity, it has no sell value.