The Bee’s Knees

The Bee’s Knees is a bow that has a 33% / 66% (1/3 / 2/3) chance of being dropped by Queen Bee. When fired using wooden arrows, the bow instead emits a special projectile resembling a line of bees. On impact with an enemy or solid block, the projectile breaks apart, spawning 3 to 5 bees that quickly break formation and begin to home in on nearby enemies. Similar to Meteor Shot, the individual bees can each pierce one enemy or ricochet off a solid block once, but not both.

Its best Modifier is Unreal.

  • Because of how closely the burst of bees are packed and how quickly they move, an enemy will almost never take damage from all five in the first shot. Passing through an enemy in this way will not count as a piercing shot, but the bees will still scatter and begin homing.
  • Like other bee-based weapons, bees fired by this weapon dissipate immediately on contact with water or lava, and are affected by the Hive Pack.
  • Because of their more limited number of ricochets, individual bees fired from The Bee’s Knees generally have less longevity than other bee weapons; however, the weapon’s main shots deal much more damage than other such weapons, and as they can be fired using cheap ammo without concern for fire bees!