Tax Collector

The Tax Collector is a Hardmode NPC that taxes other Housed NPCs to earn coins for players. The Tax Collector is obtained by traveling to the Underworld and throwing Purification Powder on a Tortured Soul (a rare Underworld enemy that appears similar to the Tax Collector). The enemy will transform into the Tax Collector, and will respawn thereafter so long as a vacant House is available.

When the Tax Collector is present, 50 will be earned per real-world minute (each in-game hour), for each NPC that has a House — including the Tax Collector himself. The Tax Collector stores these funds, up to 10 . Speaking to the Tax Collector will reveal the amount stored thus far, and offer the option to collect.

The Tax Collector attacks nearby enemies by hitting them with his cane.

  • Funds can be collected at any time, and do not require a minimum amount stored.
  • When the Tax Collector’s maximum storage of 10 is reached, he will not collect any further coins until the player collects from him.
  • Time passed using the Enchanted Sundial counts towards his total.
  • In Multiplayer, each player’s earned taxes are separately maintained, and collecting has no impact on another player’s payout.
  • The Lifeform Analyzer will detect a nearby Tortured Soul.