Meteor Staff

The Meteor Staff is a Hardmode magic weapon crafted by combining 20 Meteorite Bars, 10 Pixie Dust, and 10 Soul of Light at an Orichalcum Anvil or a Mythril Anvil. It summons a falling meteorite that deals 50 damage to surrounding enemies, similar to the Starfury.

Its best Modifier is Mythical.

  • The Meteor Staff’s projectiles collide with blocks, even if they spawn in them completely, making it hard to use in the Underground and Cavern layers as a weapon. However because the projectiles explode and release many glowing particles that go through blocks, it is an ideal cave exploration tool as it can light up the entire screen and reveal all caves nearby.
  • This weapon can easily kill all three Mechanical Bosses, preferably paired with the Golden Shower because of its high fire rate (though there are safer tactics for the Destroyer).
  • This weapon is indispensable for fighting the Martian Madness early on.