Luminite Pickaxes

Luminite Pickaxes are four endgame pickaxes. The four types are the Solar Flare Pickaxe, the Vortex Pickaxe, the Nebula Pickaxe and the Stardust Pickaxe. All types of Luminite pickaxes share the same stats.

These four pickaxes are the second-strongest mining tool in the game, each with 225% pickaxe power. The current strongest is the Laser Drill with 230% pickaxe power. They require Luminite and Lunar Fragments to craft, obtainable from the Moon Lord and Celestial Towers, respectively.

Their best Modifier is Light. While Legendary offers a wider array of improvements, most of these apply only to combat. Light offers a better speed boost, which is the only stat that affects mining, the primary role of pickaxes.