Honeyed Goggles

The Honeyed Goggle summon a friendly Bee Mount that the player can ride. It can fly for a limited time. The bee moves fast while flying, but slows walking speed significantly. It has a 5% (11% in Expert Mode) chance of being dropped by the Queen Bee boss.

The bee always glides down slowly after letting go of the ↷ Jump key, rather than immediately falling. The glide can be accelerated using the ▼ Down key.

When the bee’s flight time is depleted, it enters a “tired” state, during which it slows and glides down. It then requires a 3-second rest period on the ground in order to begin flying at full speed again. If you take off again immediately after landing an exhausted bee, it will fly, but much slower than usual. Its rest period is indicated by a “heavy breathing” animation that stops when the bee is fully recovered.

  • Like most other mounts, the bee will disappear if submerged in water (this mount cannot swim). However, your minions such as those from the Hornet Staff can continue to attack.
  • If the user has any item that allows them to walk on water, the mount will be able to walk on water as well.
  • The bee’s flight time is determined by the players remaining flight/jump time. This includes additional jumps such as those added by the Bundle of Balloons.
  • The bee can stay longer in the air if the player has wings equipped.It can be very useful pre-Hardmode and will even help players in beginning to mid Hardmode because of its hovering ability and long flight time.
  • The bee’s flying speed reaches 31 mph when flying forward according to the Stopwatch. Its walking speed however is only 10 mph.
  • In the mobile version, the Bee Mount has the longest flight time of all the mounts.