Flower Boots

Flower Boots are an uncommon accessory that cause flowers to grow when the player walks on Grass. These flowers are the same as the tall weeds that would normally grow on grass blocks, meaning that they can be broken to spawn Seeds and Bait creatures, as well as harvested with a Sickle to produce Hay. Flower Boots will not cause any growth on Corrupted, Crimson or Mushroom grass.

Flower Boots can occasionally be found in Jungle Shrine chests or Living Mahogany Tree chests.

  • Flower Boots can spawn Strange Plants. As such they can be used for quick(er) farming.
  • When combined with the Sickle, they can be used to quickly generate large amounts of hay for quick building.
  • It may be useful to set up a dart trap at floor level. This way, as you run on grass, it will be broken, but dye plants and Strange Plants will not.
  • The Flower Boots can also be very effective for farming critters such as Worms and Grasshoppers, thus, making money is easy, since Gold Worms and Grasshoppers often appear. If used on Jungle grass, it will be effective for farming jungle grass seeds and the jungle critters such as Buggy, Sluggy, and Grubby.