Clinger Staff

The Clinger Staff is a Hardmode magic weapon that has a 20% chance to be dropped by a Corrupt Mimic. It generates a wall of Cursed Flame, which inflicts the Cursed Inferno debuff and deals damage to any enemy that walks through it. It is similar in use to a Nimbus Rod. The Clinger Staff’s wall lasts for about 45 seconds.

Its best Modifier is Mythical.

  • The Clinger Staff doesn’t work on platforms, only on solid blocks.
  • The wall is 10 blocks high by 1 block wide.
  • Due to the high knockback this weapon is excellent at keeping enemies away from you.
  • The wall can only hit up to 20 times before dissipating.
  • It has the highest mana cost per use out of any magic weapon and will burn through the maximum unmodified mana possible with five uses.
  • The Clinger Staff does not work with either of the set bonuses of the Spectre armor.
  • The Clinger Staff doesn’t work on blocks that have been angled with a hammer.
  • Contrary to the name, Clingers do not drop this item.